YCME (Young Christian Musician's Ensemble)

provides band, orchestra, choir, guitar class, musicals, recorder, private lessons, and more. We offer opportunities for students to perform, as well as leadership opportunities for older students who assist the director.

Band and Orchestra classes are for those grades 5 and up including parents. We begin with students who don't know how to read music or hold their instrument and help them progress to playing more and more complex and difficult music as they move up to more advanced groups. Many music types are explored: Classical, Swing, Modern, Traditional, Hymns, Praise, Marches, Sacred, and much more, depending on the class. Band, Orchestra, and Choir classes will participate in a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert with other possibilities of performing depending on the opportunities for each particular year.

Other classes are for varying ages with different performance opportunities. Those guidelines are listed with each class description. Sometimes ages/grades can be extended slightly. Please make arrangements before assuming your child can participate in a class who is a different age or grade level than listed.

YCME originally started as a homeschool co-op class in 1996 and now is open to anyone who wants to learn from a Biblical worldview. We want to honor God with the talents He has blessed us with. To Him be the Glory.